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Through careful screening and interviewing I will send you personally selected matches that are the right fit for your needs.

Hiring in two critical but often overlooked functions:
 HR/People Operations and Accounting/Finance

Kimberly Shamus Talent Acquisition San Francisco Bay Area Talent Recruiter

I'm Kimberly, nice to meet you.

Growing up in Silicon Valley has its advantages: the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in my family. Being surrounded by start-ups in varying stages of success is exciting and challenging, and I have spent my life working for and with entrepreneurs.

As a former Executive Assistant turned Recruiter, knowing what my clients need is my job, and I systematically question them to discover details, so I have a distinct understanding of what they are looking for. I love owning my own business, so I can spend the time necessary to bring the right matches together, without being pressured to perform and complete a project before it’s done the right way.

I take my time screening and interviewing, so you don’t have to. 

Who I Help


The right candidate values communication and honesty from their recruiter during the entire process.

From fine-tuning their resume to feedback on the interview process, the right candidate wants to know what is really happening. The right candidate also wants to feel valued – their thoughts and feedback are just as important as the potential employer’s! 

I consult with every candidate to hear what YOU have to say, in addition to giving you the information you are looking for. You want details of the interview process in time to prepare. You want current, in-depth market knowledge and guidance and a competitive edge over the competition.

Startup life isn’t suited for everyone and candidates that are the right fit for a start-up organization are often different than who might be a great fit at a global, traditionally “stable” corporation.

Traits of exceptional start-up employees:

  • Humility - Wants to be part of a team and build something great. Cares more about peers than perks. Connected to the company’s mission.   
  • Action Oriented - Learns from doing. Adapt and modify. Doers & makers who see the big picture. Has a founder’s mindset.
  • Curiosity - Natural learners who crave knowledge, new experiences and are eager to grow. Asking questions, listening attentively and constantly seeing if there is a better way to do something. 
  • Resourcefulness - Able to identify a problem and create a solution (with limited resources). Having the mindset to look in front of you and optimize what you have to work with. 
  • Adaptability - Comfortable with hours that are rarely standard, job responsibilities and work demands that are ever changing, and processes and procedures that are not yet established or are continually being fine-tuned. 
  • Resilience - Fail fast, fail often, learn from it and move on. 


You are looking for someone to send you talent that has been interviewed at length and is just what you are looking for in both experience and culture add.  

The right startup is early to mid-stage, usually without a formal HR department, ready to make their first Accounting or HR hire. Actual talent separated out from, “looks good on paper.” You need someone knowledgeable about the current market that can offer advice on compensation, interview structure, job descriptions, attracting candidates, market strength and more.

The right startup has a founder(s) that is passionate about their people, is involved in the hiring process and is happy to sit down to discuss their needs and how they fit into the overall vision for the company.  One of the reasons I started my own business was to eliminate the middleman, enhancing communication and accuracy. Speaking directly with the heart of the company to understand your goals is crucial for success!













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